Ausschreibung von Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House: Thomas Mann Fellowships 2024

Für das Jahr 2024 werden Junior und Senior Fellowships für einen Aufenthalt von 3 bis maximal 10 Monaten im Thomas Mann House ausgeschrieben zum

Jahresthema 2024: Democracy and Vulnerability

Democratic processes are dynamic, inclusive, and human-centered but at times also messy, arbitrary, and even contrary to democracy itself. How should a democracy deal with its own vulnerabilities? What are the responsibilities of a democracy toward the most vulnerable in its populace? How do democracies need to evolve to deal successfully with increasing global levels of ecological, geo-political and economic precarity? How much vulnerability can a democracy endure?

Bewerbungsfrist: 16. Februar 2023

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Job Opportunity: Project Archivist - University of London

Application closes on 2 June 2023

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